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Buffalo Wings are back with hot new track 'Rick' as a precursor to the EP 'Men of Great Character'. Disgraced music journo 'Dirty' Dick Sucker got the low-down on the tune and the duo's new sound:

Dick Sucker: Damn, if dat 'Rick' isn't one of the most hip-happening, rollicking summabitch tunes I ever did hear!

PX: heh.

DS: It comes at you like a boyfriend on a first date, striding confidently across the front lawn all sexy with a bunch of roses, but then it slinks off into the dark and then suddenly BAM! It's kicked open the back door and it's making wild animal love to your mother on the kitchen counter. And yet you forgive it every time and just keep going back for more because it makes you feel so damn sensual, like raspberry sauce or a chocolate finger.

PX: Yeah I wrote it to do that. That was exactly the scene I was trying to convey.

DS: Who dat Rick?

Boss G: Well, the "when you gonna be my lover?" part really reminded me of Rick Astley and the name kind of stuck.

DS: It's time dat mean mutha got his kudos coming to him; is it a homage to the man himself?

BG: Not quite. I'd been listening to a lot of late-80s chart stuff and when I first heard the rough track I got excited thinking this could be our 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. The song is an unabashed attempt at writing a guy-meets-girl loved-up bit of bubblegum fluff in the classic mould of Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

DS: Three mean dudes who know how to have a funky time. But does this mean you're moving away from that dirty, wild, crazy-ass, wild-eyed, big-balled style of your last record?

BG: To a degree. That last one was nasty - real nasty. We wanted to get away from that and do something more accessible for normal people who have normal thoughts and feelings.

PX: 'Rick' is what happens when Buffalo Wings try to connect with people on a human level and flaunt our pop sensibilities.

DS: So should we be expecting you to drop a new record full of soul-lifting, cherry-lovin', sweet sexual healing?

BG: That was sort of the idea. There's a song where we channel The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and even a cover of a Burt Bacharach/Hal David classic.

PX: It's just that everything comes out a little bit... broken. Kind of warped. Kind of Buffalo Wings-y.

DS: Well then let the bad times roll... again!


released October 13, 2014
PX: All things musical and technical
Boss G: All things lyrical and visual



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